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Welcome to our website! This website is about our plans for developing the education service in Redbridge. It’s in its early stages of development and we’d love to hear any suggestions for improving what’s currently here or for things you’d like to see here in the future.  


At this stage, the site is intended to be the go-to place for schools to hear about and input into plans for the future of education services in Redbridge.  In time, it will turn into the place for schools (in both Redbridge and other places) to hear about the services we offer and order them.


To log any feedback on the site either e-mail or Contact Us or if you want to get a conversation going about it then go to the Forum and start writing.  In the Forum you can also join in a discussion that someone else may have started. There’s just a simple registration and login process to go through and then you can start commenting. Don’t be shy!  The forum is intended for Redbridge schools and the project team also have access.  Speak your mind – none of the project team will take it personally.




Our Address

London Borough of Redbridge

Lynton House,

255-259 High Road,



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